3D Reality Modeling

Drones have proven themselves as an efficient platform for the replacement for traditional ground based survey methods. They go beyond surveying, allowing for very high resolution ortho-imagry aerial video captures for a wide variety of applications. By using different types of imaging systems that can be mounted on to them, like:

  • Optical
  • LiDAR
  • Thermal Sensors and Visual Cameras.
  • Multispectral
  • Hyperspectral

3D Reality Model provides

  • Blast Design
  • Real time monitoring of Stockpiles and Dumps
  • Slope Calculation
  • Height measurements
  • Bench Health

These images have wide application to the likes of:

  • Lineament Mapping
  • Mine Planning
  • Volumetric Calculations and Stockpile Management
  • Mine Construction, Development and Production
  • Mine Rehabilitation.
  • Mine Rescue.
  • Underground Application
  • Land Cover Classification.
  • Thermal Anomalies
  • NDVI Classification

3D Reality Model provides details that are incomparable to traditional surveys, like

  • Blast Design
  • Height Measurement
  • Visual Inspection of Retaining Wall
  • Slope Calculation
  • Bench Health
  • Tailing Ponds
  • Waste dump
  • Unstable benches
  • Inspection of mines after Inundation