We do Infrastructure inspection, planning, mapping and surveying for even huge areas cost effectively. Different planning stages of a project or to continually monitor it, our drones will benefit the sector by ensuring ultimate safety and accuracy.

We can provide infrastructure and construction professionals with in-depth actionable data, responsible for easy execution of any type of projects.

Wecollect data which can be used to create plans and 3D models prior to construction of any type of infrastructure projects such as roads, tunnels, buildings, bridges, sewage or even after for easy and safe execution.

We Provides

  • Structural Inspection and Monitoring
  • Mapping and Surveys
  • Real-time Management
  • Damage Assessment
  • Planning and Estimation
  • Surveillance

Monitoring of construction development

  • During the construction phase, they help to track and communicate progress, track and manage materials and assets, improve owner visibility, increase safety, and provide valuable information for improving design changes.
  • Drones provide superior endurance and intelligence on job sites for Structural Inspection and Monitoring, Real-time Management, Damage Assessment, Planning and Estimation, Surveillance, Property tax estimation in cities.

  • Urban development and management require intense planning, accurate detection and timely execution. The greatest challenge these industry professionals face today is collecting information and data.
  • We could help city planners, landscape architects, administrators and tax collectors to transform urban planning and management where we could provide very detailed, up-to-date geographical information for even small areas as and when required.
  • For planning various stages of project or for continuous monitoring, we can benefit the sector with ultimate safety.
  • We provide infrastructure and construction professionals with in-depth, actionable data.
  • We collect data which can then be used to create plans and 3D models prior to construction or if it collects regular, real-time imagery to be used to monitor and inspect the stability and safety of sites.
  • Even the roof area, length and breadth of windows in any buildings can be measured without human hassle.
  • Features like well, electric poles, manholes can be identified and located that makes the planning and development work easier.