We go beyond surveying, allowing for aerial photo, 3D Reality models, video capture for a wide variety of uses. Our drones can be used as an efficient replacement for any ground-based survey methods.We could capture details of every inch of the Mining lease area and reviewedat any time.
We can provide access to areas that are hard to reach or dangerous, such as old dumps during or after monsoon, unstable areas, survey of tailing ponds, marshy areas, below recent collapses, dense forest, vertical cliffs or hills, etc.

We Provides

  • Topographic Surveys and 3D reality models
  • Volumetric calculations and stockpile management
  • Geologic features, Mapping, Prospecting Exploration
  • Mine Construction and development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Mine Inspections
  • Rescue operations
  • Surveillance of illegal Activities

Topographic Surveying and 3-D Reality Modeling

Generating topographic and contour surveys in very difficult terrain and to easily & quickly obtain 3D models – DEMs, DSMs, DTMs, of the Mining area.

  • Details of every inch of the Mining lease area could be captured and reviewed any time. There would not be frequent necessity to return to the site even in case of any missed data.
  • The high spatial resolution aerial images of the Mining lease area would provide the surface features, tree growth, outcrops, minerals stocks, drainage patterns and other surface details that includes the details of the terrain, boundary pillars, bench positions, haul roads, dumps and all other surface features of the mine.

Volumetric Calculations

With an accurate site model produced out of drone aerial images, mine managers can now more efficiently design and manage site operations while collaborating across teams. This is because you assess more accurately the volume of material that must be extracted or moved according to concept or legal standards. The digital elevation maps produced by the images can also be used to model sediment flow and plan tailings pond operations. Because it is possible to fly frequently with a drone, you can create a visual record of the site over time and monitor progress on a weekly or monthly basis.

Stockpile Management

  • Volume calculations and reconciliation of ore and waste movement is a difficult task at most mine sites. Ground based survey techniques require surveyors to climb over and around stockpiles while being subject to weather and dust hazards.
  • Aerial surveying with drones completely removes the person from the work place and allows the surveying to take place without interrupting the mining process.
  • Aerial surveys can take place on a regular schedule, allowing for accurate updates on the mining company’s valuable assets.
  • The cut fill, net volume and area are instantly calculated once a shape is drawn over a stockpile, trench or any other voluminous areas.

Geological Features, Mapping and Exploration

  • The up-close, highly detailed images of outcrop, 3D surface models and the actual image of the entire mineral deposit area/ mining lease, including all surface geological features, gives the geologists a very handy tool for mapping, planning and execution of detailed exploration and ore reserve estimations.
  • Gives a very clear understanding of the terrain even before the Geologist could step into any area for prospecting, exploration etc.
  • Prospecting and searching for mineral resources and deposits through the identification of spectral signatures of outcrops, rocks, vegetation and terrain
  • Mapping of steep inaccessible slopes and thick tree growth area.
  • Excellent tool for Geological Mapping

Mine Construction and Development

  • Development of detailed maps to assist the phases of planning and design of new mining sites and their infrastructures.
  • Production of Digital Terrain Models for the purposes of alignment of infrastructures in new projects, visualization of hydrographic networks of the site, deposits, and other hidden topographic information.
  • Support and consultation for planning and designing infrastructures on mining sites.
  • Topography and terrain exploration with the aim of determining the appropriate mining method and technologies.
  • Assessment of the progress of mine construction and development and Project monitoring & reporting.
  • Drone data provides more precise measurements like bench height, berm width , slope than traditional surveying methods. This allows better evaluation, designing and planning.
  • Birds eye view – The 3D Reality models of the projects can be taken from the remote project site to the board room for presentation, monitoring and review.

Short Term & Long Term Planning

  • Pit & dump management according to the slope stability.
  • Communication of daily/weekly mining plans optimization
  • Haul route surface.
  • Multi temporal data can help in the damage assessment and control.
  • Haul road, dump and pit design
  • Blast design
  • Geotechnical
  • Surface stability monitoring

Monitoring illegal mining and activities by Regulatory Authorities and Government Agencies:

  • Surveillance of Mining areas, by periodic surveys using this technology by Government Agencies and Statutory authorities could check and control illegal mining/activities areas surrounding Mining areas.
  • Quick assessment of the volumes and excavated tonnages for the evaluation of the extent of violations and illegal activities surrounding mining areas.