GIS Solution

Topographic Survey: Using the latest technology and equipment to map contours and features of the land. Essential for various projects, including urban planning and environmental studies.

Orthomosaic Map: We create customized, high-resolution orthomosaic maps that have been corrected for distortion, suitable for various applications such as asset mapping, environmental monitoring, and asset mapping.

Digital Terrain Model and Digital Surface Model: A digital terrain model (DTM) and digital surface model (DSM) are reliable 3D representations of the earth’s model, these models are used for Flight path assigning, engineering design, watershed delineation, flood risk assessment, etc.

Land-use/Land-cover: Our team offers land-use and land-cover mapping services that provide valuable insights into the way land is being used and how it's changing over time. We create detailed maps that show the distribution of different land-use types.

Asset Mapping: Identifying and mapping the location and condition of assets, such as buildings, roads, and utilities. We create detailed asset maps that help you manage your infrastructure and resources more effectively.

Watershed Delineation: creating detailed maps that show the boundaries of watersheds. By identifying the area of land that drains into a particular body of water, our maps help you better understand the relationship between land use and water quality.

Drainage Plan/Inundation Plan: A drainage plan is an essential tool for managing stormwater runoff and preventing flooding. Our team can create detailed drainage plans that show the location and design of drainage structures, such as culverts and ditches, and help you manage your stormwater effectively.

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