Drone-Based Ground Penetrating Radar

Advantages of GPR

Acquire data faster compared to traditional methods
Drone’s precise positioning and rangefinder system result in high accuracy measurements
The integrated system can be used at unsafe and hazardous environment with compromising the safety of staff
Increased staff safety
Acquire data faster compared to traditional methods
Automated flight
Drone ensures higher accuracy in following survey lines thanks to the inbuilt GPS automated flight mode
Location not reachable by foot can be reached by drone

Mineral exploration/prospecting: Unleash the power of ground-penetrating radar technology with our drone-based GPR system for mineral exploration. Our advanced drones equipped with GPR can detect and analyze subsurface features, helping identify potential mineral deposits quickly and cost-effectively.

Tailing dams in mines (Strength & Leakage analysis): Our state-of-the-art drone-based Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology enables comprehensive tailing dam inspections, utilizing high-frequency electromagnetic waves to penetrate and map subsurface layers. Integration of drone-based GPR system with AI & Ml technology detects potential issues such as leaks, voids, and erosion, providing detailed data to prevent dam failures and environmental disasters.

Cavity – land/underground monitoring: With high-frequency electromagnetic waves, our drone-based GPR system detects soil cavities, sinkholes, and other anomalies for precise data collection.

Detection of Underground tunnels, Structures, and pipe leakages: The advanced capabilities of the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system, can accurately detect underground tunnels, structures, and pipe leakages with high precision and reliability. It can operate in inaccessible areas, providing data that is crucial for efficient tunneling and pipeline management, using its ability to penetrate deep into the earth's strata.

Lithological Characterization and Stratigraphic Modeling: The potential applications of drone-mounted Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology in performing lithological characterization and stratigraphic modelling. It involves collecting subsurface geophysical data through GPR scans, which can then be interpreted to create models that help understand the geological structure and properties of the area of interest.

Aquifers Allocation and Evaluation & Archeological Findings: Our drone-based GPR service is a valuable tool for aquifers allocation and evaluation, as well as archaeological findings. By integrating GPR technology with drone-based surveys, we can accurately detect subsurface features, such as buried water resources and archaeological artifacts, using non-destructive methods. Our experienced team uses advanced processing and interpretation techniques to provide clients with accurate and reliable data for informed decision-making.

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