Drone-Based Lidar Application

Squadrone Infra and Mining Pvt. Ltd. 1st to fly
Autonomous drones in underground mines in India

3D Reality modeling of underground mines, using drones equipped with advanced technology, provides precise analysis to find out Undercut - Overcut area, weathered and joint roof, stope area, volume and its condition, Blast design, and other structures without endangering the lives of men in underground mine and tunnels.

Underground Mining & Tunneling - Drones enabled with LiDAR and AI generate data on the structure and geotechnical disturbance of tunnels & mines, improving safety to reduce the travelling distance of man & machine and enabling efficient planning of development and support patterns.

Old working mines: When old mines are closed for long periods, it's challenging to predict hazards. Drones with AI can collect data with video and images without risking lives to plan further working safely according to the mine conditions.


Surveying stope area: In underground mines is made easy with drone-based Lidar technology and equipped with AI and ML for precise data collection, volumetric analysis, dilution control and better planning.

Draw point inspection: is hazardous for man & machine. Using UAVs with AI and Lidar technology, we can obtain quantitative data for administrative controls with Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs), by improving QA/QC, mucking & filling plans with ground support analysis without endangering lives.

Convergence monitoring: Rapid scanning methods enable data collection to occur at regular intervals. This leads to improved recognition of convergence trends and closure rates for geotechnical inspection and safety.

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