Underground Mining & Tunneling

Squadrone - 1st to fly Autonomous drones in underground mines in India

Stope Monitoring

Stope Monitoring in underground mines using drone-based LiDAR provides real-time 3D scans of stopes, aiding in safety assessment and ore extraction optimization. Drones equipped with LiDAR capture detailed stope geometries, detect potential hazards, and help plan efficient mining operations.

Geo-technical Analysis

Drones enabled with LiDAR and AI generate data on the structure and geotechnical disturbance of tunnels & mines, improving safety. Uses laser pulses to create 3D models of rock bolts & structures. Assess bolt condition, monitor displacement & stability, aid safety planning. Integrates with geotechnical data for efficient analysis & support strategies.


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Inspection of Underground Tunnels

Drone-based tunnel inspection improves safety and efficiency. High-dense point cloud, and sensors to analyze tunnel conditions, detect defects, and monitor as built v/s as design. Cost-effective, timely, and comprehensive data for better decision making in operations.

Rejuvenation of old mines

When old mines are closed for long periods, it's challenging to predict hazards. Drones with SLAM technology and AI can collect data on the structures and provide live point cloud data without risking personnel, to plan further mine operations safely.


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Draw point inspection

Using Drone-based LiDAR, we can safely inspect the draw point area from both the bottom and top of the stope, enabling the monitoring of the mouth opening to prevent HEMM damage. This data supports effective administrative controls through Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs) and enhances QA/QC, mucking, filling, and ground support analysis, all while prioritizing safety.

As Designed and as Built in

Rapid scanning methods enable data collection to occur at regular intervals. This leads to Reverse engineering, as-built point clouds can be transformed into CAD plans of complex 3D structures. Assessment for accommodating the new machinery becomes simple.

3D Reality modeling of underground mines

Drones enable safe 3D modeling of underground mines, revealing details like underbreak/overbreak, roof conditions, stope area, volume, and blast design. Enhanced analysis without risking lives.


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